I'm an 18 year old cosmetology

student who loves disney movies, coffee, and my boyfriend.

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when he cums inside u


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I’m so stressed out and I’ve been hyperventilating and crying like crazy. Tomorrow’s the day I start my new job at Mercedes Benz and tomorrow is also the day that I’ve decided to call my boyfriends mom and apologize. I’m so afraid because I know she won’t forgive me. I’m so bad with people and I know when I’m talking to her I won’t be able to say anything and I will break down and cry. Chazz has been calling me from his house phone and leaving me really cute messages, he stole his phone back and was texting me but his mom flipped shit and took it again. I’ve never been so scared for my life but I know we will not let his mom break us, nor his crazy bitch ass exs who make me seem like the worst person in the world for making him genuinely happy

beesmygod:what a weird piano


we r cute af